Space and Defence :

The Institute has aided the nation’s effort to become self-reliant in space and defence sectors. Many aircraft designed by HAL including the recent Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), launch vehicles of ISRO and missiles of DRDO have been tested for performance prediction in the wind tunnels at the Institute and critical design inputs have been obtained from these tests.

Agriculture :

Research in Agricultural Biotechnology has led to isolation of gene encoding for LPE acltransferase in Brassica and groundnut systems. The isolated gene is used to reduce the polyunsaturated fatty acid content in oilseeds for improved shelf life in oil. The same gene is used to improve the nutritional quality of the oil.

Chili, tomato and cotton are often infected by viruses. Research in the area of engineering resistance to plant viruses has resulted in generation of transgenic chili, tomato and cotton plants and this work was done in collaboration with an industry partner.

The use of bioreactors developed at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies in the coffee growing areas has resulted in lower fossil fuel use and very low levels of pollutant discharge to finally make coffee cultivation environment-friendly.


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