Industry :

Many projects undertaken by CSIC are of direct benefit to industry itself, aiding self-reliance and indigenization. Given below are sample of the work undertaken.

The Power Electronics Group at IISc with closely interaction with Indian and Multinational Industries have carried out several R&D under the broad classification of analysis, modeling, simulation, design, fabrication and evaluation of Power Electronic Systems. Some of the projects undertaken for industry are Resonant Converters, Furnace Power Supplies, Switched Reluctance Motor Drives, Induction Motor Drive, DSP Controllers, Photovoltaic Systems and Electric Vehicles.

The Indian Spice industry has been greatly benefited by the indigenous development of the cryogrinding technology for grinding spices at the Centre for Cryogenic Technology. The cryopulveriser, an indigenous technology for processing plastic scrap has also been developed.

Particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites – an Indian innovation in the department of Metallurgy has found several applications in the industry.

Research in mechanics of structural failure and the development of smart structure concepts has made it possible to design structures for online health monitoring such that the stressing situation and the possibility of failure are revealed online so that corrective measures could be initiated. The department of Aerospace Engineering has pioneered basic studies on composite panels including smart patches such that some of the patches act as actuators and the others as sensors to determine criticality of damage at any instant of time during the service of the structure. The important feature of smart structural concepts is the automatic reduction of vibration levels in structural components which has several applications in the industry.

The thin films group at the Institute had its biggest success when the Optical Coating Technology was transferred to industry and the device qualified not only for light combat aircraft but was also projected for the future requirement in aircrafts and Sukhoi fighter aircrafts. The R&D on thin film strain gauges have yielded gauges which were tested in satellites for space applications on one side and for fontanelle and anorectal applications in the biomedical area.

The development of a novel, cost-efficient, rapid-thermally-activated chemical reaction process to produce tin-oxide-coated plastic grids for lead/acid battery plates (75% reduction in grid weight) by the scientists at the Institute has opened up a whole realm of possibilities in lead/acid battery development and promises to lower the cost of both materials and manufacturing.


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