Energy :

Electrical power generation is vital to the industrial and economic development of a nation. The task is to meet the increasing demand for power, achieve uninterrupted and reliable supply of power and also bring power to the remotest areas. The Institute has been deeply involved in evolving a complex inter-connected network system necessary for achieving these goals.

The technology transfer of biomass gasifier developed by IISc to private industry has seen several hundred installations and has been servicing for almost a decade.

Water :

Water is a scarce resource in a rain fed country like India, hence effective water management and utilization are crucial tasks. Projects have been directed at aiding policies for optimal and multiple utilization of water resources for drinking, irrigation and power generation purposes.

Software and computer simulation models have been developed at the Institute for solving many water management problems. Based on these computer models, the improvement of water supply distribution systems in cities to bring about equitable distribution of water was suggested to the various clients.


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