Our Contributions
The projects address a wide variety of problems – from those that concern the desires of a common man to build an affordable house to those that concern the nation for putting satellites into orbit. A brief summary of the achievements in a few of the projects carried out at CSIC is presented here. Many of these collaborations display the kind of fruitful interaction between academia and industry.

CSIC is also engaged in disseminating research results to the wider community through newsletters, brochures and audiovisual aids including documentary films. Vichara, the Institute lecture series by eminent men of science and letters is aimed at widening the horizons of industrial experience.

The CSIC has a growing perception of the need for academic institution to reach out to industry. Its goal is to help industry to help itself in solving its problems. It is for industry too to seek the support of CSIC in solving its problems and to enable CSIC to grow into a responsive and reliable partner in the advance of industry towards progress.

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