Computers and Automation :

Computers and automation have revolutionized industrial and management processes everywhere. Keeping in step with this change, scientist at the Institute have aided a large variety of industries and Government organizations to upgrade and modernize their operations by designing and developing the necessary hardware and software.

The banking sector in particular has considerably gained from the expertise at the Supercomputer Education Research Centre in designing IT architecture based on the existing IT based solutions and providing customized solutions so that the benefits of IT reach the customers and at the same time the employee productivity increases considerably.

Algorithms developed at the CAD Lab, Mechanical Engineering for feature recognition have been transferred to the industry, which forms the core of a software component developed by the industry that is used by almost all the leading CAD systems to provide feature recognition capabilities.

Research at the Electronic Enterprises Laboratory, Computer Science and Automation, is motivated by a strong conviction that business processes in electronic enterprises can be designed to deliver high levels of performance through the use of appropriate mathematical modeling. This has resulted in several projects over the years like EBIZCHEM for electronic trading of chemicals, PROMISE for e-procurement marketplace where an innovative approach to multi-attribute combinatorial auction algorithm was provided, SIX SIGMA SUPPLY CHAIN for designing complex supply chain networks with six sigma levels of delivery performance.


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