Building and Geotechnology :

A major proportion of developmental work in our social fabric is directed towards construction of building, dams, highways, and the like. Hence, it is only natural that a good number of projects undertaken by CSIC are in this area. Soil analysis, proof checking and evaluating designs of foundations, building frameworks, water tanks, reservoirs, power houses, designs of concrete mixes, embankment dams, analyzing stability and bearing capacity of dams and bridges under moving loads and suggesting remedial measures are a few of the tasks undertaken through CSIC. The innovative approaches evolved by our faculty are responsible for several cost saving solutions for a wide spectrum of bridges, dams and multistory buildings. The large number of clientele in this category bears testimony to our faculty’s capabilities and commitments.

Significant work on testing the resistances of atomic power plants, tank bunds to earthquakes has been done. Surge protection systems for various pumping mains across the country were done.

In an important application of aerospace technology to industrial use, the wind tunnels at the IISc have been frequently used for testing and evaluating design of structures such as chimney of power stations, cooling towers and railway engines and coaches for stability against wind effects.

The box jacking technique for making subways in cities developed by the Civil Engineering Department has won accolades as it does not disturb the traffic on road and is done using the locally available skills and talents.


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